Saturday, October 10, 2009

Santa Fe Farmers Market

This morning I went to the Santa Fe Farmers Market .  It's a fantastic market and this is the prime time of year for it.  It is a year-round market.  During the winter, though, it shrinks significantly and features mostly meats (including super delicious Pollo Real chicken, Pecos Valley Grassfed Beef, buffalo meat vendors such as LaMont, lamb meat and yarn, and yak), long-storing, winter vegetables, preserved foods, cosmetics and baked goods.

The Farmers Market has, within the past year or so, relocated to its permanent home at the fancy new Santa Fe Railyard.  The Railyard is the shiny new happenin' place around here.  When it's cold outside, the market moves indoors.  But on a gorgeous day like today, it was mainly outside, like so:

Each farmer has a booth underneath the wooden awning.
The railyard is also the last stop of the Rail Runner train, which connects Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Belen.  I have never been on the Rail Runner.  A predicament I hope to remedy tomorrow.

The above photo is the Rail Runner rolling into the Farmers Market.  You can see the permanent Farmers Market building on the right, partially obscured by a tree.
The tourist train also leaves from the Railyard:

You may remember that K and I rode the tourist train for his birthday a few years ago.  Here's a link to my old post on that adventure.

Anyway, I ended up with quite a bounty, including a gorgeous bouquet of flowers:

And 1000 pounds of fruit and vegetables:

(Starting from the carrots and moving clockwise --> bosc pears, loaf of wheat bread, 2 eggplants, 2 small watermelons, a couple of turnips, a head of green cabbage and some red beets).

Now, to start cooking it all up!  Mmm.

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