Thursday, November 17, 2011

Carribean Cafe: Mobile Edition

You guys, the most amazing thing happened.  The Carribean Kitchen, a small greasy spoon-type place out on Vegas Verdes, is now fully mobile!  I spied a metal food truck camping out at the parking lot near where Cerrillos Road and Sandoval Street split, downtown. 

I squealed with glee at the new lunch option near my office.  The offerings are more limited than at their restaurant (jerk chicken, curry chicken, and maybe one or two other options that I can't remember right now).  Abo, the chef, is once again a one man show - taking orders, preparing, and ringing up orders.  I almost hesitate to post this because as of yet this place is relatively unknown so I could sidle right up, order my jerk chicken, pay, and receive my bag of vittles in only 5 minutes.

I've been on a major jerk seasoning kick lately so I  naturally went with the jerk chicken plate.  For $10 it came with ALL OF THE ABOVE: 2 pieces of chicken thighs, rice w/ lentils, steamed cabbage, mixed green salad w/ a coriander flavored dressing, mashed yellow lentils, red beans, and two pieces of fried plantain. 

While the side dishes are passable, the jerk chicken is the best I have ever had.  Even better than my ol' pal Jambo Cafe (which is damn good).  The jerk flavor is spicy and the meat just falls off the bone like some sort of Caribbean butter. 

The menu, which is painted on the side of the truck, mentioned that they served "island refreshments" which I can only assume includes their ginger drink.  (I have had it at their restaurant but did not have the cash with me to order it at the lunch truck.)  If this is indeed the case, one has not lived until one has had this ginger drink.  I can only describe it as concentrated, liquified ginger that is pure ambrosia. 

So, now the secret is out.  Caribbean Kitchen is mobile and at a food truck near you.  Don't be a moron like me and be sure to get the ginger drink, too.

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